How to create your own shopping website?

How to create your own shopping website?

With minimal budget and appropriate knowledge, one can easily create their own ecommerce store online. Setting up your own catalog and shopping cart on the web with free tools and cheap hosting has become quite simple. An online store can generate a great source of income if you have something worth selling.

There are plenty of ecommerce platforms where you can setup an account and start selling including eBay, Amazon, Shopify etc. However, hosting your own ecommerce platform has numerous other benefits that may profit you in the long run. You’ll have more control over your website and its presentation. Your branding will be more effective while you avoid any transaction and listing fees. The only disadvantage is the hands-on nature of the operation where you need to regularly update the website to avoid any security vulnerabilities.

Initially, pin down a business plan for your company; company name, logo, products/services for your business and their pricing should be finalized. After finalizing the business model, it’s important to fulfill all the basic requirements for setting up an online store.

Scout for the domain name for your business using various tools available online. It’s important to focus on the extension of your domain so it may appropriately represent your business. Now look for a web hosting service to develop your website. Look for services that offer Cpanel with fantastico scripts or Ensim power tools if you are using Windows-based server as they help in installing third party scripts.

Get a private Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to encrypt the data between the browser and website server to ensure security of customer’s data. Get a private SSL certificate to avoid warnings in the browser about conflict of certificate and domain name. Buy a private SSL certificate for companies such as HostGator, Bluehost etc. An important feature for your online store is the addition of osCommerce or ZenCart shopping cart scripts. These scripts tend to come with the website hosting sites however you may install it manually as well.

Payment gateways are essential for secure payment through credit cards. These gateways validate credit card information and would deposit the amount securely to your system after taking their cut. PayPal is an exceptionally sought out gateway due to its ease of installation and no monthly charge policy. They simply charge a small percentage over every single transaction. There are multiple other gateways available therefore do your research online and choose the one that suits best to your particular product range.

Following the initial set-up, it’s time to build your own website and design the static pages and homepage. It’s imperative to keep your website visually appealing without compromising on other important aspects of a website. Now install the Shopping Cart System within your website by using CPanel or Ensim Power tool as these tools will help you with the auto-installation.

Customize your online ecommerce website by exploring the various tools available to you by Oscommerce and similar shopping systems. You’ll have options to add various modules, change skins, view advanced reports to build an exquisite website. Do change the logo and footer graphic of Oscommerce to provide the customers with an exclusive ride.

Lastly, work on your catalog of your website as it tend to be the front end of your website and would attract potential customers. Using admin interface, customize the product listings and categories. Add other necessary details about the product along with a complete description and picture of the product.

You can now simply handle fulfillment and shipping from your online store and start building a loyal customer base for your venture.

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